More Salt Fermented Sourdough

Seems like I can’t get enough of playing with Salt Fermented Sourdough. For today’s bake I decided to leave off the proofing cloths. I wanted to get a different look and I do not have my regular reed/willow baskets with me.

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Motherdough White Loaves


Motherdough White Loaf

Motherdough White Loaf



I have been working with a Motherdough starter at 70% hydration. A Motherdough starter is any starter that you bring to 70% (or any lower hydration from 50 – 80 %) hydration and keep refrigerated for at least 2 – 3 days until use. I used Northwest Sourdough Starter for this recipe. The long cold fermentation brings a  new dimension to your sourdough baking. The crust of a bread made with Motherdough is usually reddish brown, the crumb is soft and the taste is somewhat mild, although you can use techniques to have a more tangy flavor. The long ferment also helps bring out a blistery crust. If you want to make some Motherdough: Continue reading

Super Holey Pane Teresa Sourdough

This bread is so wonderful!! It has the most unique flavor and terrific holes and it pops in the oven like a miracle. I am amazed everytime I bake it again! You MUST have a vigorous motherdough at 80% hydration going to make this recipe work. I made up the dough let it cool overnight and next day:

dough waiting

Here is the dough waiting in the couche for the two hours proof. The loaves were each 1lb 3 oz . This is how the dough looks as it goes into the oven:

 O minutes

This is how it looks about 6 – 7 minutes later:

6 minutes

This is how it looks about 10 minutes after loading:

10 minutes later

Here are the loaves out of the oven:

four out of the oven



The crumb:


Closeup of crumb:

closeup crumb

I love this bread! It smells so wonderful and tastes even better! Don’t ya just feel like seeing LARGE holes sometimes???

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