Cheating…(Sour Sourdough)

This post will be on cheating… the tasty kind of cheating. I made up some Kalamata, Artichoke Sourdough and I added something to make the bread sour… by cheating. It was certainly a fun and tasty way to bake up some loaves of bread!

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Asiago, Kalamata, Rosemary Loaf

Althought I have not been posting as often, I still bake sourdough very often. Some of the items I have been baking are:


Italian Sourdough

New Zealand Soft White Sourdough

San Francisco Sourdough

I decided to work on a one day sourdough with a flavor wallop. I bought some very expensive Kalamata olives and some Asiago cheese to bake up what I call a Kalamata Loaf.

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