I am Teresa, a 51 year old sourdough fanatic. I think that anyone can bake a great loaf of sourdough bread, it just takes determination. Sourdough baking is fun and addicting! This blog is for those who are obsessed with sourdough baking… like me!


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  1. Hi Teresa,

    I just recieved the desem sample in the mail and did the 80% hydaration feed and emersed it in the WW flour and put a plate on top of the bowl and left it out for 12 hours then put it in the fridge over night. I saw your pic’s re: “How I do Desem” and the only question I have is: Do you cover your desem after the feed with plastic wrap or a lid that is not airtight? Also, Laura Robertson double wraps her dough after a feed. What is the best way to feed and ferment as far as a cover?

    Thank you,


  2. Hi Teresa,

    I have been checking out your web site for several weeks now. I think it’s great! I’ve learned some good pointers since I first perused your work. Today, I read an entry which mentioned a Dough folding trough. I’ve been trying to find one for sale using Google, but w/out success. Can you please tell me where these troughs can be purchased? I already own a Cambro container, but it has cylinder shape. Also, does the trough come w/ a lid? Reading food blogs is one of my favorite ways to relax. Please keep up the good work.


  3. Hi Jenia, I always have my sourdough starters vented. There are usually at least one or sometimes more holes in the lid. I have never had any problems over four years with this way of keeping starter and I have over ten starters. You will love Desem Bread if you have never had it before. I keep my Desem at 80% hydration instead of in a ball like Laurel. I find it much easier that way and it makes terrific bread. Have a nice day, Teresa

  4. Hi Will, I carry the folding dough troughs w/lids in my store online at :

  5. I am so excited to find your site! I can’t wait to peruse around and learn about your methods! I’ve been working on learning to make sourdough for about a year and the breads I’ve made have been edible, but not wonderful. I’ve dreamed of making the kind of bread I’m seeing here and I hope your site will get me there! Thanks!

  6. Hi. I guess sourdough keeps you young because you are the youngest looking 49 year old in the world!

    I don’t understand the word “autolyse”. I looked it up and it was like cell death by enzymes and you say with autolyse and without.

    Help me please. Thank you. Paris

  7. Hi, I am fairly new to the sourdough game and recently started milling my own flour. I am finding it tricky to work with it and am wondering if you have any experience or advice concerning sourdoughs and fresh milled over storebought. Thanks for any help!!

    • Hi Rachel, If you mill your own flour, you need to allow the flour at least a week to ten days of setting in a cloth covered container so the flour can age. It is “green” flour when it is first milled and unless you are using just a small portion of the dough as whole grain, your dough may give you problems. Some of these problems might include very sticky dough or dough that is fine at first but gets more and more sticky as it sets. The flour that you are ageing will actually condition faster if you stir it up with a spoon once a day to expose the flour to oxygen. Teresa

  8. dear Teresa thanks a lot for your ad. someone write there “I guess sourdough keeps you young because you are the youngest looking 49 year old in the world!”, and I agree. you sound out of age. I dont know if we can write that in english. am sad you cant read our Universal Dictionary of Bread because it has been written for baker like you, in great passion. all the best Teresa

    • Thank you Jean-Philippe, I think your Facebook home is terrific and am glad you asked me to be your friend there. I do visit the links and use the universal translator provided by the browsers. I wouldn’t be able to read your book, although I would really love to.

      I am now 51, and that picture was taken of me about five months ago. Maybe I look young because I eat sourdough and ride my bike! Oh yea, and I make sure to have some dark chocolate everyday 🙂

  9. Where is the reciepe for your phenonma Bread and where do you get your starter?

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