New Sourdough Book, “Discovering Sourdough” is Released

The book I have promised you for some time is now finished and available from my website at:

I divided it into three separate .pdf files because it is a very large book. If you want to print it, it is best done on a printer that duplexes or you will have a VERY large book.

I updated my site in time for the release of this book and I hope you find it easier to navigate. I will be adding items to the store as I am able to expand, so you might want to check back now and again.

I thank you all for being patient and hope you enjoy “Discovering Sourdough”

Now, when you have a newbie baker ask, ‘How does sourdough work?” You can point them in the direction of my new book.

Please feel free to share the files with your friends, post links from your website and most importantly….. have fun baking!


12 Responses

  1. Wow, your book looks tremendous!

    I shared a link to it with the folks on my site:



  2. Dear Teresa, I am so excited that your book is finally released! I will be over at your website soon to buy my copy. I was just talking with my husband at breakfast a few days ago and wondering with him when you new book would be out! How funny that just a few days later you announce it’s release! I am certain you will lead many to successful sourdough baking! Truly, Britta

  3. hello Teresa, i can imagine or i can’t the work beyond that: to be able to share your inner experience about the complex process of fermentation. congratulation. here, there is one amazing baker who is someone like mister sourdough: Guy Boulet. you will find his name and photo on the Dictionary’s page. I don’t know exactly if he is speaking english. but it could be a real dialogue between you both. best regards Teresa

  4. Hi Teresa:

    I have downloaded your ebooks and they are awesome. Thanks for this Herculean effort.

    I have found 2 slight discrepancies between the recipe ingredients for the Extra Sour Sourdough and the bakers percentages at the end of the recipe: i.e., soughdough and salt. Please clarify as to which is correct.

    Also, a question: to arrive at the sourdough hydration of 166% hydration, I am not sure what you mean by : “one/one volume of flour/water.”


    • Hi Inabech, There will probably be lots of discrepancies and typos in a book that large. I do appreciate them being brought to my attention. I will make a list and fix them as I get time.

      As for hydration,one to one volume means you use whatever volume measuring cup you want and use one of flour and one of water. Like one cup of water and one cup of flour. To be precise, that would be 8.3oz of water and 5 oz of flour. However, volume measurement is a very imprecise way of figuring hydration. Read the chapter on measurement and you will have it explained in more detail

      • I went and checked it and there is more wrong than just one ingredient. I will fix it and make mention on the book download page. Follow the table instead of the first list of ingredients. The table is correct except it left out the diastatic malt. Thanks again for pointing that out.

  5. I have added a “Typos” page to the book download page, also I updated the pdf file, so download it again and save over the former version and you will have a corrected version. Thanks again, Teresa

    PS Inabech, you win the distinction of being the first person to report a typo!

    • Thanks for such a rapid response and correction for the Extra Sour Sourdough recipe, as well as helping me understand the hydration issue.

      I look forward to many happy hours of learning and baking!!!!


  6. Thanks so much!!! I can’t wait to check it out. I’m so new at sourdough baking and know I can learn so much more from you!


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