Salt Fermented… San Francisco Sourdough

In my upcoming book, the feature recipe is the Salt Fermented Sourdough. I love working with this sourdough. I decided to experiment using the Power Flour from Pendleton Mills that I have been posting about. Power Flour is the flour of choice for this San Francisco style bread. I started out by…

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The Southernmost Bakery in the USA

I made another trip around the southern point of the big island in Hawaii this last weekend. I made it a point to stop at the Punalu’u Bakeshop in Na’alehu. This was recommended to me by my big brother who visited the island last year before I came. He said that this bakery made the best coconut turnovers he had ever tasted.

So I bought some, and I bought some Malasadas, and some…

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Flaxseed Loaf and Kneading in a Bowl

I have a new recipe for you… Flaxseed Loaf.  This bread was lots of fun to bake.  I made up two variations, a plain loaf and a loaf covered with flaxseeds. They were both really good. Here is the recipe;

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Bits and Pieces

I have a few bits and pieces for you today. I have had a problem with my baking stone since I moved to Hawaii. I could only find a cheapie stone which kept breaking until I ended up doing jigsaw puzzles everytime I needed to bake:


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Flour Test for Stone Buhr Bread Flour

In my previous post I said I would be testing Stone Buhr flour next as a follow up to the disappointing results from King Arthur’s Organic Bread flour.  I followed the same testing recipe found in the first tests, but added an extra ounce of flour because

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King Arthur’s Organic Bread Flour

I was sent a five pound bag of King Arthur’s Organic White Bread Flour from the mainland (Thankyou Andrea!). I tried using the standard flour test which you can find at:

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