A Winner!

Chocolate Cinnamon Babka


We have a winner! The winner for Peter Reinhart’s new book, Artisan Breads Every Day, is Lisa from Dahlhousedesigns. Please email me Lisa with your contact information so you can get started as quickly as possible baking some Chocolate Cinnamon Babka! 


When I received Peter’s new book, I knew right away I had to try the Chocolate Cinnamon Babka and I will tell you it is worth the price of the book all by itself!  This bread is so good that my husband, after eating the last piece, went out to buy more chocolate so I could make some more!

There was a main dough for making the Babka dough and several variations for presentation. I tried the Babka loaf done in a loaf pan and the Kranz Cake Babka, there is also a variation done in coffee cake style done in a bundt pan. The Kranz Cake Babka was done in a spiral twist which looks really nice. Peter also has great recommendations for many alternate  filling suggestions.


Kranz Cake Babka with Cinnamon and Chocolate:

Kranz Cake Babka

Babka Crumb

Babka Crumb

The Loaf pan style Chocolate Cinnamon Babka:

Babka Loaf Pan Style

There are many good recipes in Peter’s new book – Artisan Breads Every Day, but I can tell you this bread is already a family favorite.

 So we are really celebrating two winners here, Lisa (congratulations) and this terrific bread, Chocolate Cinnamon Babka…. a real winner!


9 Responses

  1. Oh, I am so excited to win this book. I can’t wait to attack it and that Chocolate Cinnamon Babka might appear around Christmas time. It looks so yummy.

    I accidentally was logged in under my card making blog, but you can also find my food blog at


    It is pretty brand new, but now I’ll have plenty of recipes to try and post about!

    Thanks again, I can’t tell you enough how excited I am!


  2. That looks sooooo good! Congrats to Lisa, will have to check this book out!

  3. This looks seriously good. My husband glanced over my shoulder and said, “Oh yeah… sign me up.” So I may have to get that book. 🙂

  4. I was one of Peter’s testers and I have to tell you that babka is worth the price of the book alone.

    Seriously rich, great flavor, it leaves coffee cakes behind in the dirt!

  5. YUM!!!! I want a piece of that SOO BAD! I would practically kill for it! I now am tempted to buy the book and try it out! Oh my that looks good!

  6. This looks AMAZING. I have his Whole Grain Breads book, but I may have to stop by my local B&N to check out his new one! Yum!


    PS – I also wanted to let you know that I recently linked to you in a post I wrote on sourdough on my blog – Thank you for being such a great resource and inspiration!

  7. I just woke up and that looks so incredible, thanks

  8. This bread looks great! I have this book, but haven’t had the chance to make anything from it yet. Well, that’s about to change. Thanks for the inspiration!

  9. This looks really tasty! I too have tried the babka recipe but only in loaf pan form. I have a question though. I shape may dough into the log, roll it into the snail shell shape and then push it down as instructed. I put it in the loaf pan and lightly cover it and then run into some trouble. When it’s rising the shape of the loaf starts to bulge in the middle instead of it being uniformed. I try to keep the edges from being tapered and think I do a good enough job of mashing the dough down so that the parts stick together. Any ideas why this is happening? The last one I made the top part of the loaf almost got knocked over the side of the loaf pan due to the shape becoming so askew.

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