Peter Reinhart’s new book…Artisan Breads Every Day

Artisan Breads Every Day

Peter Reinhart’s new book is out! I have two signed copies, one for myself…and one…for one of you… 

The copies are on their way in the mail and I expect to receive them this weekend.  


However, I couldn’t wait and I previewed some of the content online at Amazon and at some other places like…



which has links to a couple of free recipes from the book.  It looks terrific and has really nice photos!




The videos above are of Peter teaching techniques from his new book. Peter is a new found cyber friend for me. I lamented in one of my posts about having to compete in the bread book market against a biggie like Peter. He kindly helped me to see that we all should collaborate and help each other… and I agree.


He has helped me get my manuscript into the hands of  the publisher, Ten Speed Press…and I want to help him by promoting his new book.


So anyone who posts something nice about Peter and/or any of his books on this post will be entered into a drawing to receive a signed copy of Peter’s new book, Artisan Breads Every Day. Anyone who links to this post from their blog will get their name put in the hat twice, just let me know you linked in. You have until November 15 to leave a comment.


Also, go check it out at Amazon and purchase a copy for your favorite person for Christmas!


Happy Baking Peter! And …Thankyou! Teresa



34 Responses

  1. Ooooh, glad to see this is out! I adore Bread Baker’s Apprentice…just made the Italian Bread and it turned out so yum! 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to try out some of his new recipes. The book is on my Santa List.

  3. I’d delighted to hear the book is out. His Bread Baker’s Apprentice is the book that got me started baking bread regularly; I’m eagerly looking forward to this one.

  4. I was so happy to hear your book is with Ten Speed Press! I have been checking your site regularly for news about it.
    I have Peter’s multi-grain book and it is good, but I can hardly wait for the opportunity to order yours.
    I really hope it will be available soon.

  5. Reinhart’s whole grain baking book is great. I haven’t explored his other books much, but this one sounds interesting. I’ve been meaning to buy American Pie as well.

  6. I ordered a copy too so if I win i’ll give one away too. It does look like a good book and i am glad your getting yours published too!!

  7. I respect his knowledge and experience. Now, I have been working with his WHOLE GRAIN BREADS. I wish he used only sourdough in his recipes.

  8. ‘The Bread Bakers Apprentice’ is near and dear to my heart. It being the first bread baking book I ever purchased. I am excited to see yet another masterpiece from this great artist. I will be linking this site from mine as well. Happy Baking!

  9. […] chance to win a free copy of his new book 'Artisan Breads Every Day' click the link below.…Or you can order your very own copy at […]

  10. I’ve checked BBA & Crust & Crumb out at the library several times. I just did a search for his multi-grain book (which isn’t available) and found they already carry this one!!! I’m a happy woman tonight… Thanks for giving us the heads up, Teresa.

  11. I am back! I am glad to see you well and working on your book. I am a big fan of Crust and Crumb and Peter as well. All the recipes that I have tried are wonderful. I love the fact that he gives you weights, percentages and great explanations.
    Thanks and I hope you are doing well.

  12. I just recently bought a copy of “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice”, and I love it! It inspires me to bake bread more often.

  13. Not only is Peter a great teacher (BBA) but a wonderful man. I am so happy to hear he is helping you get your book out! Congratulations!

  14. I’m excited to check this new book out! Thanks, Peter, for giving such high-quality advice on bread-making!

  15. How wonderful that his new book is out and yours is finding a publisher as well!

    One thing I appreciate is that Peter Reinhardt is a teacher, and in being a teacher he understands that there are levels between raw novice and expert and he’s created books for that niche.

    From his behavior with you I would say mentoring is a part of his personality, and that’s wonderful to see in our compete-don’t-mentor society.

  16. Oh I love BBA, I’m super excited for this book. From everything I have read about him, he seems like a very friendly and helpful man. He has a great way with words and easy to understand recipes/directions.

  17. I want to thank you, Peter, for being so caring, generous, helpful, and thoughtful towards my sister, Teresa. You seem to be a truly nice, big-hearted gentleman. Thank you so much.

    Much success to both of you on your books.

    Teresa’s Sis,
    Robin 🙂

  18. Peter Reinhart’s Crust and Crumb was the book that really opened my eyes to baking. Before reading it I’d always baked, but without an understanding of the process and chemistry that lie behind a great loaf. It was Peter’s inspirational tone as much as the fantastic recipes within that expanded my bread universe, and I’ve never looked back.

    Not only is my copy of Crust and Crumb faded, covered with flour and annotated with scribblings throughout the margins, but this morning I’m baking San Francisco sourdough from Peter’s recipe, with my modifications, and your starter Teresa, which made its way here to me in NZ through many pairs of hands.

    So, if I had to pick one nice thing to say about Peter, it would be that he inspires people to go deeper into the world of bread, and to find like minded others out there, which led me to your wonderful blog recently.

    Douglas in NZ

  19. Peter’s books are the ones I see most frequently cited by bloggers who are making great bread! I don’t have any yet, but I’m hoping to change that this Christmas!

  20. […] Peter Reinhart’s new book…Artisan Breads Every Day […]

  21. Something very happy for me was giving my well worn copy of Bread Baker’s Apprentice to my sister and seeing the joy it gave her and her pure wonder at being able to create such bread with her own hands. I love Peter Reinhart, and his cold-risen baguette is the best one I have ever made. Even better that he has that spirit of collaboration that allows him to see what a joy your blog is as well!

  22. I have been baking for over 50 years, but I have just discovered blogs, and Peter’s information. I have also just linked to your blog. I am looking forward to trying some of his recipies since everything I have heard has been so positive.

  23. I have ALL of Peter’s books. When I first read Brother Juniper’s Bread Book, and he expressed his delight (with tears) at the sounds of bread cracking after it came out of the oven, I knew I had found a kindred spirit.
    Glad to hear he has another book out!

  24. You have a very nice website.

    Enjoyed the bread making videos.


  25. I really enjoyed Mr. R’s Bread Baker’s Apprentice while I was able to have it out on interlibrary loan. I need to try to get it again through the interlibrary loan, as there is so much to explore it in!

  26. OOOHHHH I love crusty artisan bread

  27. Teresa, I am so glad that thanks to Peter your book is going to be published!

  28. I have his Whole Grain book and it is wonderful. The crackers are to die for and will be what I’m baking for some Christmas gifts this year. I am excited about his new book and hope I can win a copy! Thanks, Teresa, anxious for your book to come out.

  29. I’ve promised myself that now is that time I’m going to try to (again) to make a half decent loaf of bread at home with a decent crust & chewey texture. Hopefully this’ll be my (gifted) holy grail in embarking on this journey! (came across your blog through this quest 🙂

  30. I received Peter’s latest book (artisan breads everyday) about a couple of days ago and I read the book from cover to cover. I had volunteered to test his recipes so I was anxious to read his book and see his recipes finally published.

    I’m a sourdough baker (purist), and I needed some bread quick. So I decided to make the Soft Sandwich Bread and I remembered working on this particular recipe. He put it together beautifully and fine tuned the recipe to the max. It’s a fast and easy recipe to assemble. When I pulled the loaf out of the oven it was a carbon copy of his loaf in book. That’s how good the recipe is.

    When you look at the picture on page 105 you can see tiny minute blisters on the surface of the dough. I too attained the blister all over the top of my loaf. I was very pleased.

    The recipe called for (1 Tbsp instant yeast) you would never know the bread was made with yeast. I detected no yeast flavor at all. And I hate the taste of yeast.

    I had let the dough ferment in the fridge for about 24 hours. I still have one more piece of dough in the fridge. I probably won’t bake the second loaf for a couple of days. I’m anxious to see how the next loaf will turn out.

    I let the dough warm up at room temperature (2 hours), then shaped the dough, and the loaf rose in 90 minutes. The loaf baked into a beautiful golden loaf in 30 minutes.

    The crumb looked like the picture in the book, it had a creamy soft crumb and once the bread cooled downed the loaf was even softer. And the flavor of the dough just blew me away. I simply don’t like yeast breads but this bread recipe is awesome, it’s definitely a keeper.

    What I like best is storing the dough in the fridge and not baking all my bread dough at once. If I want to serve fresh baked bread for a meal it’s now quick and easy to do. I now love fermented yeast breads.

    I’m already planning how I will adapt and tweak Reinharts sandwich bread creating different variations and best of all developing signature recipes of my own.


    • This Reinhart book looks awesome. I saw it this morning while shopping on Amazon. Thanks for all the great tips Teresa and I can’t wait until your book comes out.

      • Oh dear dear Teresa, the book might be way to hard for me. I just got it and I think I might need help getting through it. I wish your book were out. I don’t want to change teachers right now, when I’ve had my first little success. Totally overwhelmed.

  31. […] If you haven’t done so yet, check out the former post about Peter Reinhart’s new book “Artisan Breads Every Day. If it isn’t too late, you can still post and have a chance to win a signed copy of his new book. See what I am talking about at:… […]

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