My Dad’s English Muffins

I have made some unusual baked items while living in Hawaii. I had a sourdough recipe for sweet potato muffins and one of the nut pickers gave me some purple sweet potatoes which are very popular here. So I baked up some purple muffins!


Purple Muffins

Purple Muffins

The crumb of the muffin was a bit purplish greenish. The muffins tasted great, but looked a bit odd. They were gobbled up quickly except my picky 11 year old son wouldn’t try them…purple muffins???

I also tried to bake up some loaves of Papaya Sourdough bread. I wondered how the papain enzyme would react with the gluten. But I thought I would try anyway….wrong!

The gluten was completely eaten up by the papaya enzyme and I had to throw the whole batch away. It was interesting though.

The picture shows one of my sons with his hand in the goop. Once we knew it was going to be tossed, we had fun playing in the dough. It felt so gluey! The dough was supposed to be 64% hydration!

I wonder if a very small amount of papaya might be used to control flour which is too strong or used in small amounts in batter breads for a soft dough. So this was my missed Papaya Bread:
Papaya Bread??

Papaya Bread??

I did bake up some nice banana bread using bananas grown right here on the property we are living on:
Sourdough Banana Bread

Sourdough Banana Bread

My best surprise is that my dad said to me recently, “You will never guess what I have been up to.”  No, I couldn’t guess!

He said he was griddling up some English Muffins!

What a wonderful surprise! Now I know where the baking came from in the family! I told him I would show off his English Muffins on my blog. So here they are:

Dad's English Muffins

Dad's English Muffins

For the last post I offered a free sourdough starter to one of the posters. My daughter picked number 15 which is Frances Holly. Frances, email me your contact info and your choice of starter to “northwestsourdough at”.

I decided to offer a free starter for this week as well. I will send a free Hawaiian sourdough starter to one of the people who post a nice comment about  my dad’s english muffins in this post.

Also we are having a Ciabatta Challenge during the rest of the month of October at the forum:  If you want to join the challenge and show off your Ciabatta Bread, you can do so there.

Happy Baking everyone, Teresa

6 Responses

  1. Those english muffins look really good! I made some sourdough english muffins at one point and they were very tasty. Maybe I will have to dust off that recipe and make them again! 🙂

  2. I love making sourdough English muffins! They are better than the store bought. Your father’s look great and are better formed than mine, yeah dad!. Aren’t they fun to watch them cook up?
    Love the banana bread, what kind of crumb do you put on top? Looks soooo good!
    I might see if we ever get any purple sweet potatoes, that sounds great for Halloween.

  3. Dad, your english muffins look fabulous! I’m so hungry right now, and just thinking of one of those toasted up nice and crispy with some lemon curd on top is just making me drool with eager anticipation!

    I’m never really pleased with any english muffins I try from various stores, although Trader Joe’s aren’t too bad, I guess. But, I have long wanted to try making my own, and just have never had enough inspiration or motivation to actually follow through with my ambition. You have inspired me, dad, with your delicious, bubbly, golden english muffins, and now I can’t wait to try making my own. Fun! You rock! Thanks! = )

    Morrigan in Woodland, WA

  4. You, and your dad, sure turn out some pretty breads!

  5. Dad’s muffins are gorgeous! Nooks AND crannies! Now I’m going to have to griddle some of my own this week – it’s been far too long.

    Thanks for one more thing on my to-do list!

  6. So who knew breadbaking was an inherited trait? Your dad’s English muffins look perfect; hopefully he had lots of butter melting through those air spaces! This reminds me: must feed sourdough starter! Maybe try..sourdough English muffins?

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