Swedish Sourdough Starter

I was sent a sourdough starter from Sweden. The starter is very vigorous and has a great smell. Today I am baking with it for the first time. The starter was sent to me by Erik Fagerberg of Brantevik,Sweden. Here is a picture of some of the sourdough breads he has baked:

Erik\'s Sourdough Breads

 Here is the recipe he sent me for Swedish Sourdough Bread:

550 gr water
25 gr salt
350 gr starter
960 gr bread flour(mixture of rye,wheat, bread flour)
50 gr coarse whole wheat flour
1 tablespoon honey
Mix in Your blender as usual in the evening and proof overnight. Punch down. Proof in your bannetons (the dough is quite sticky so flour them well). Second proof is usually around 3 hours. I bake in a preheated oven 275 gr C for 15 minutes and then 40 – 50 minutes at 200 gr C. Use steam as usual.

Here is a version of his bread with added Semolina flour and walnuts:

Erik\'s Swedish Bread

Here is his starter active:

Swedish sourdough starter

Here is some of Erik’s Swedish Sourdough Bread:

Crusty loaves

More Soudough

 Erik obtained the starter from one of the head bakers in Sweden named Jan Hedh, who has written a great looking book on bread, I am hoping to find a copy in English.


 Book by Jan Hedh

 This is my modified version of Swedish Sourdough Bread for US bakers:

12.3 oz of starter at 100% hydration
20.9 oz water
.8 oz salt
1.7 oz coarse wheat flour
33.8 oz of bread flour (I used 1.5 oz of Rye flour and 1.5 oz of Whole Wheat flour as part of the flour total)
.75 oz honey

 I had to bake at a lower temperature or my bread would have burned. This is what I did:

When the dough was ready to bake, I slashed the dough and baked by spraying the dough then covering with the roasting lid for 15 minutes at 500 F. After the 15 minutes was over, take off the lid and turn down the oven to 400 degrees for anothter 15 – 20 minutes.

Here is a video showing the shaping of the loaves which were torpedo loaves:

Here are some pictures of the loaves of Swedish Bread, they came out really nice and the flavor is exceptional:

Swedish Sourdough Bread

Swedish Sourdough Bread

Swedish Sourdough Bread

 Swedish Sourdough Bread

This bread was made using the modified US version of the Swedish Sourdough Bread.


6 Responses

  1. About a book in english by Jan Hedh!

    He has one “Artisan bread” i think it is a english version of the swedish “bröd” (bread).

    See http://www.janhedh.com/artisan.htm

  2. About a book in english by Jan Hedh!

    He has one “Artisan bread” i think it is an english version of the swedish “bröd” (bread).

    See http://www.janhedh.com/artisan.htm

  3. That is correct! I know now that it was translated in 2007. Expect exceptional bread but often with small amounts of commercial yeast with sourdough and many recipes with levain.

  4. Is the modification to account for US flours being different from Swedish flours (are they?), or did you just convert from grams to ounces?

  5. Hi Rebecca, the US version is the metric converted and the tweaks I did when baking. TEresa

  6. I hav Latvian, Russian, Finnish and French sour dough starters. Being Swedish I would like to get a starter that has been used in Sweden.

    My family is from the area around Sundsvall and Harnosand.

    Can somebody send me a sour dough starter from Sweden or from a culture that started in Sweden?


    Don Leaf

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