Shaping and Slashing Dough Videos

At the request of one of my sourdough buddies(Thankyou Carolyn), I made a video for showing shaping of batard and boule style loaves and another for showing a few kinds of dough slashing. If they help you that is great, sorry about the fuzziness, the videos were clearer on my computer but lost quality when I uploaded it to YouTube.

Here is the shaping video, it is about 10 minutes long:


 Here is the dough slashing video, it is about three minutes long:

If I get a chance I will work on a baking video too, any more suggestions? Have a great baking day, Teresa


3 Responses

  1. When I checked the Australian Sourdough shop, the lame you mentioned was sold out – do you know of anywhere else I could find a good quality lame? I have a heck of a time slashing loaves, because even a straight razor just shreds them. Also, where would you recommend buying a banneton from?

  2. Thanks so much for the video. So instructional. I’ve been making only boules. I’ll try your batard technique.

  3. Thanx for such a manual. You did a great job!

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