Slashing Dough Video Pictures

Closeup of crumb

When I made the video in the last post, the video about slashing dough, I used the basic white sourdough recipe from but I left out the oil and substituted a cup of evaporated milk instead of one of the cups of water. I used the Northwest Sourdough starter. I made a 63% dough hydration. The loaves came out magnificently and I wanted to show you the loaves up close because they didn’t show up that well in the video.

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Shaping and Slashing Dough Videos

At the request of one of my sourdough buddies(Thankyou Carolyn), I made a video for showing shaping of batard and boule style loaves and another for showing a few kinds of dough slashing. If they help you that is great, sorry about the fuzziness, the videos were clearer on my computer but lost quality when I uploaded it to YouTube.

Here is the shaping video, it is about 10 minutes long:


 Here is the dough slashing video, it is about three minutes long:

If I get a chance I will work on a baking video too, any more suggestions? Have a great baking day, Teresa

Italian Sourdough

Luca's Oven

I have been corresponding with a man from the Emilia-Romagna Region of Italy whose name is Luca. He has his own wood fired oven in his backyard (jealousy here) which was built by his grandfather.  Luca has graciously given me permission to share pictures of his bread and has provided us with a recipe for Focaccia.  He has also send me some of his own Italian sourdough starter which I have been trying out.

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