Sourdough Ableskivers !

Sourdough Ableskivers

I made up some sourdough waffle batter using the recipe available on my website at: 

I didn’t change a thing, just made it up as it is. I decided to bring out my Ableskiver pan and make up some Ableskivers. They are such a nice treat instead of the usual pancakes or waffles. If you ever find a good cast iron Ableskiver pan…buy it! Mine is old and well seasoned, the bottom has some surface rust which won’t come off unless I get a metal scrubber in there, which I won’t as it will be back in no time in my climate. Here is what a good Ableskiver pan looks like:

Ableskiver pan

Bottom of Ableskiver pan

It has seven little bowls for filling with batter. The pan has to be hot like a griddle where a drop of water sizzles and jumps. Grease the little bowls. Then pour the batter to the top and wait until the Ableskiver sets a little.

 Pour the batter to the top

Then you take a skinny sharp pointed knife or a stainless knitting needle and shove it into the batter to the bottom of the little bowl, you use the knife and pull the Ableskiver around so that it is setting halfway up and the batter in the middle pours out and starts cooking on the bottom of the bowl.

Halfway done

 As you continue to turn the Ableskiver while it is cooking, you create a ball with a hollow middle.

 Turn the Ableskivers

Finished Ableskivers

Ableskivers ready to eat!

This is just right for shoving something into it, like blueberry preserves, blackberry, jams, dried fruit, etc. Then you sprinkle with powdered sugar and …..yummmmm!! Down them with a hot cup of coffee for a great breakfast treat. In case you are wondering, the Ableskivers pictured below are filled with Blackberry preserves made from berries gathered right around here. These are terrific!


I found a source for an Aebleskiver pan that looks good at:
Danish Aebleskiver Pan


4 Responses

  1. Those look fabulous! Good idea to fill them with Blackberry Jam.

  2. I’m sold. I had never heard of an ableskiver before reading about your post on Apartment Therapy: The Kitchen. Now I have to find one of those pans! I’m a pancake addict in general; I end up making them almost every weekend. I would love to fill these with custard! Mmmm.

  3. Interesting pics, we’ve always turned the entire ball only once. Probably makes a larger pocket in the middle if you give it a quarter turn as you are showing here.

    This is a favorite brunch in my family – We put out 4-5 different types of jam and usually have 2 pans going at once to keep up with demand – as they are definately best right off the pan. My grandmother taught us to use nutpicks to turn them.

    We tear them open to reach the ‘pocket’, fill it with jam, then eat them like a sandwich with the jam oozing out.

  4. I just saw these pans being sold on TV, they called them Pancake Puffs. Apparently the secret is out.

    Pancake Puffs

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