Danish Rye Sourdough

Thanks to Nina from Denmark, I have a terrific Danish Sourdough Starter. She actually sent me two, but I’ve only tried one so far. I baked up  a batch of Pumpkin sourdough muffins using the Danish starter which turned out great and was floored by the taste of a Danish Rye bread I baked up today! This Rye has spectacular flavor. I actually was pretty excited when I smelled the starter brewing as it smelled so good. Here are some pictures of the booty:

Pumpkin muffins

These are the Pumkin muffins, they came out very tender using a Rye starter, as the gluten was low, so no tough muffins.

Pumpkin Sourdough muffins

Here is the Danish Rye Bread:

Danish Rye

Danish Rye

Danish Rye crumb

Thanks Nina!

I have these recipes written up but they won’t be available yet, as I am too busy to post them right now. I hope to have the Danish Sourdough starter for sale on my site soon. It will be nice to expand the selection and have more choices to experiment with. I know I am having fun!


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  1. Wow, the muffins and rye loaves are looking great! I’m glad the starter worked out for you. I really enjoy seeing what you’ve done with it 🙂
    I got your sourdoughs with the mail yesterday, thanks a lot! I’m looking forward to trying them out.

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