Winging it without a scale

My digital scale is broken, it will only weigh lower amounts and shows lines instead of digits above 450g. So I actually ruined the experiement I was working on and instead of throwing out the starter which was already mixed with water, I decided to put together a batch of….. something! I added some Rye flour, Bread flour, oil, salt, 1/2 & 1/2, a lump of aged dough from the batch a couple of days before which was being refrigerated and just winged it. After the bulk fermentation, I poured out the dough and added flax seeds.

I am pretty happy with the outcome. Don’t ask me what it is or for the recipe, because this bread will never be able to be duplicated. Here it is:



flaxseed bread


It was fun, tastes great, makes nice sandwiches and terrific toast. Winging it can work!


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