Sourdough Onion Poppy Seed Bagels

This morning I whipped up a batch of Onion Poppy Seed Sourdough Bagels. It is a really easy recipe, although I added three eggs to the recipe this time. I decided to make an Onion Poppy Seed version without a topping, something simple. I mixed up the dough this morning, let it bulk proof for about 4 hours and then I shaped the dough into bagels:

This was the dough after I had shaped many of the bagels already, so it isn’t the full amount. I actually made 7 lbs 7oz of dough and had to put it into a larger bowl to bulk ferment rather than my mixer bowl.


Here are some of the bagels divided and before their shaping:

bagel balls            

Here they are in the pan awaiting their final proofing:

shaped bagels           

they were 4 oz each. I proofed them about 2.5 hours and then startet dropping them in their boiling water bath which I had added a Tablespoon of salt and a Tablespoon of Malt Syrup to. After that they got an egg glaze and then into the oven for 20 minutes. Here are the finished bagels:


finished onion bagels

These really came out great! Dense, chewy, delicious! MMMmmmmmmmmm! You should try to make some up yourself!


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