San Francisco Sourdough Starter

I worked with San Francisco # 2 again, and it just keeps getting better. I know that the longer proofs will make a better sour, but I thought I would work on an easy one night dough build and have a great tasting sourdough with a mild tang. Using the basic white recipe will give you a pretty good sour with this starter. I made up a sponge the night before and in the morning I added to the dough. The bread was ready to shape after only five hours.

fermented dough

The dough was this fermented after only five hours. It was a nice soft dough full of bubbles:

dough ball

I got some really nice loaves:

first loaf

another loaf

This next loaf looks pretty funny:

heart shaped loaf

This loaf stuck to the pan as I was trying to put it onto the baking stone, it sort of rolled over it’s one end. Looks like a valentine loaf. The bread has a great flavor, is mildly sour and has a finer crumb:


Have a great baking day!


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  1. It’s looking good Teresa. I’m most interested in all your experiences with SF starter.


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