Not a Baguette or French Loaf

I took my One Night Sour Sponge Bread which has the cracked wheat meal in it, and made up some bread today. I decided to shape two of the loaves like torpedos and one as a boule. I didn’t do too well for shaping torpedos, I certainly need a lot more practice on shaping these kinds of loaves. Also the dough is a little too high in hydration and sticky for shaping a traditional Baguette or French loaf. However, I just wanted to push the limit. The oven spring was good, the shapes held up pretty well, the slashes didn’t fare too well though. Here they are:

one night   

boule too

The boule is pictured here with one of the long loaves. The other loaf has already been devoured as we grilled it up for dinner.

Here is a picture of the crumb:



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