Update on the Kaiser Rolls

Okay, so I liked the Kaiser Rolls but I wished they were softer inside and not quite so dense. So I got to thinking of what I could do to the recipe to change those parameters that I didn’t like. I Did it!!! I added some milk and more oil and more water to make the hydration higher and …..yes! Here are the results:

closeup kaisers

Here is the interior crumb:

kaiser crumb

kaiser rolls basket

I forgot to lower the temperature because of the added milk so the first batch was a little dark, but I like them that way. I will post the recipe on the Northwest Yahoo forum and we will have a Kaiser challenge. Everyone can try out the recipe and have scrumptious sourdough Kaiser Rolls!! These really came out perfect, I am very happy!


One Response

  1. Teresa,

    Did you try increasing the starter amount? When I baked Dan’s Pane Pugliese, his starter was equal to flour and hydration was in the 60’s, the crumb came out soft and nice…


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