Boule video

I had a request to make a video showing how to "twist" the boule as mentioned in an earlier post. I tried using my digital camera to take pictures using successive mode. I had the tripod up a little too high for you to be able to see the "before" and "after" of how much the boule "jumped up" after the twisting. The video is also too choppy. I will try again to see if I can do it better. You also cannot see the gentle rocking back and forth as the boule is turned at all. It might give you some idea though, on how to twist the boule, forming the skin over the boule to give tension to the surface. It helps the boule do a better oven spring.

video pictures

You can see the video at my website at the link towards the bottom left.

You can see the video at :

It will try to download and you have to give it permission to run.

You can turn it off by pressing "esc" on your keyboard.

There is also a link on the recipe page of my website:

The dough I am working with is the Basic White Sourdough Bread with two Tablespoons of cracked whole wheat grains added. The starter was so vigorous today that I had the dough proofed the first time in only 2.5 hours! I put it into the refrigerator after shaping , however I am worried about it over proofing overnight. I might take a loaf ( I made three loaves) out and see if I can bake it tonight. I know that the dough also raised faster because I waited to add the salt until I knocked down the first proof. It always rises faster if you add the salt later because the salt inhibits the yeast. (See salt, sugar experiments on sourdough starters on the starter page at : )

I will let you know tomorrow how the Basic White comes out.


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