Motherdough and One Day Sourdough…continued

The sponge set overnight, and next morning at around 9:00 am I added the rest of the flour and salt. I proofed for about four hours. Then I made up the loaves and proofed those for two more hours. Here is what the loaves looked like:

One Night Sourdough Bread Loaves

The crust was crispy and the crumb medium with some large holes around the outside. I am not sure why that occurred except that I tried not to degas the dough and maybe some large bubbles got caught. I also may have not proofed quite enough. Anyway here is a pic of the interior:

Interior crumb

Here is a picture of another loaf:

Interior crumb

I really like this recipe for ease of use and timing and the cracked whole wheat was nice, it made the crumb holes a bit smaller than usual but the crumb was soft, chewy, and had a great texture, nice for sandwiches.


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